A Cute Love Story with Noida Escort

Kirti waliya
4 min readJun 10, 2022
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Everyone has a different definition of love. Few have experienced it as inspiration while others consider it emotion and we akness]. The dignity and definition of love vary depending on the relationship. Though I don’t believe in physical attachment because I’ve always been a hooker, I recently crossed paths with my beloved. Initially, it was planned to be a regular meeting and I had no idea that it would turn out to be my final love. She is a good looking 5.6” beautiful girl from Mayur Vihar. My first interaction with her was for a genuine purpose — my physical fantasies. I’ve been longing for physical pleasure since my breakup.

I did the same that most single youngsters do when they have to gratify their needs. I called a local escort service provider; they shared a few pictures out of which I picked Suyashi! Before meeting her in person, I had no plan to even meet her again but who knows what comes next. Finally, a car from Noida Escorts Agency stops at my doorstep and she steps down! She was fair as nothing else and appeared in a single piece to impress me.

I always wanted someone who listens to me and does everything that makes me happy. Also, I am a bit different, especially when it comes to love. I want it to be hygienic and romantic. Talking about fantasies, sex in the bathtub or sex in the shower is my favorite. I love it for the overwhelming series of emotions that comes with cum! Anyways, let’s come back to the story! So, I took her upstairs to the hotel room! We sat, chit-chatted and shared a mutual interest in bed. She loves giving powerful heads and gets crazy when someone strikes behind. She has found what triggers her so shared it with me because she also wanted to enjoy the moment with me. I asked her to have a shower together!

A shy girlfriend that goes wild in bed

I would say that she was definitely different from regular Escort in Noida. She was a fluent English speaker and had an appealing body shape and influencing aura just like Model escort girls. We undid the clothes, switched off the lights because she wanted to and then we went to the bathroom! We took a shower together, kissed, and hugged each other. We waited a while after a shower; meanwhile, she put her hand on the blanket and played with my cock!

I also got my fingers prepared for a boom and took them inside her lovely Puxxy! I don’t know a volcano or what was there but It was really hot and some saliva sort of was there! The deeper I was putting my fingers in the closer she was coming to me! There was no denying that she also had not indulged in sexual affairs for long and wanted something crazy! So, I decided to turn position 69 — pleasure with no discrimination!

In the very next minute, she was on me and I was between her legs! I have heard that the key to driving a girl crazy in bed is sucking the clitoris so I went with it! And… she started screeching my back, sucking my balls and screaming like a crazy whore. It was really wonderful to make a girl moan like this that she forgets her surroundings. In just the foreplay I took her to heaven and she literally made me feel like never before! From reading to Cumming on the cock, she did everything so well that I was compelled to meet her again!

It has been almost two years since I have been spending my nights in her arms. The craze, aura and madness are still alive and make me feel young all the time! I know it’s time to give back to my gorgeous escort girl so I have decided to plan a trip with her! Will continue this story further with our travelogue and unique stories of our love! Meanwhile, you can find friends and your love with the top escort service in Noida!



Kirti waliya

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