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8 min readAug 2, 2021

On the internet and in person, I talk a lot about sex. When people say things like, “Oh, I really want to do fuck naked in an office,” it’s a good sign. “I’ve done that!” I frequently respond. It’s a lot of fun!” I get a few eye rolls now and again, but that’s fine. I accept that my sexuality is an important aspect of my identity. Despite everything, there are still a lot of sexual things I haven’t attempted. Just keep reading, and this story is going to get kinkier and kinkier by every paragraph.

Many people are embarrassed and afraid to say that they haven’t tried something yet when there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Everyone has different interests, priorities, and possibilities. There will be things we’ve tried and things we haven’t gotten around to, both in terms of sex and life in general. When it comes to life, it’s simply the way it is, and I believe it’s critical that we mainstream that when it comes to sex. Porn does not always show reality, but stories like this, on the other hand, are first-hand experiences or bucket lists of kinky people.

I’ve had the pleasure of participating in some absolutely incredible sexual encounters. I’ve been confined. I’ve been to a few sex gatherings. I’ve had threesomes in the past. I’ve been spanked, bitten, and sucked on a number of occasions. Still, there’s so much more I’d like to accomplish and try. The possibilities appear to be limitless.

I haven’t tried some things since I haven’t got the chance yet. I haven’t made it a priority to attempt to make some things happen. Some of the things I’ve been hesitant to attempt. Regardless, each item on my sexual bucket list is something I aim to accomplish someday — and when I do, there’s a good chance I’ll write about it. So get pumped about it.

Naughty bondage

I’ve only been properly restrained once, and it was a terrific experience. I had a lot of fun with it, and I’d like to do it again. I love losing control, and being tied up by my escort sounds great. I’m eager to learn more about bondage techniques because I’m new to them. I want to be limited in a variety of ways so that I can figure out what works best for me and what gets me the most excited. Because it’s such an intimate thing, I’m only willing to explore it with an escort I’ve been seeing for a long time and have gained that level of trust with — and honestly, it only adds to the allure. As I previously stated, trust is incredibly enticing. I have thought about being tied up and watching my escort strip for me so many times, and every time it makes me hard and flustered even in public.

A great fuck on the hike

I am someone who likes to explore, and you can say I have an adventurous side to me as well. So often, for fitness on a mild sunny day, I choose to hike. This is one of my most vivid fantasies. I’ve had partners who have done this with other partners, and I’ve always admired it, but I’ve never had the opportunity and courage until now to try it myself. I cannot wait to have this adventure with an Aercity escort who is flexible and adventurous enough like me. I enjoy hiking and go as often as I can. I enjoy being in nature and taking in everything it has to offer, and the only way I can think of to make it even better is to include my other passion: sex.

I believe I’ve done something similar in the past, but it was with my first girlfriend, so it’s been a while. We were on a trip with our families, and in order to be intimate, we had to retreat into the woods frequently. Still, it’s not quite the same. All I want to do is go trekking with an escort somewhere remote and isolated, stroll for a bit together, and then find a spot against a tree, behind a waterfall, or in a little body of water and just have a good, passionate fuck. I want to get loud and make sure my escort is enjoying too. I can see so clearly in my head how good my tool will feel in my sexy Call Girls’ warm body, and believe me when I say I’ll bring it to reality.

Fucking in an ocean

Beaches with quiet areas are my absolute favorites. When the water is quiet, and there aren’t too many people around, I enjoy being able to simply float and swim in peace, splashing around as I please. It is different than getting intimate in a shower or a pool. Oceans and lakeside have their own life. Lakeside spots like that are also ideal, especially since the water is usually rather quiet. That kind of environment would be ideal for finally allowing me to achieve my goal of having sex in the sea or on a lake.

I haven’t been able to close deals since I haven’t been with an escort when I’ve located a site like this. I’ve always been a water baby and the concept of wrapping my legs around a partner while they hold me under the water and we start exploring each other’s bodies beneath the surface appeals to me. Because sex is such a natural activity, I think doing it in a large, beautiful natural body of water is ideal.

Giving back to my beautiful escort

I’ve done more than my fair share for my escorts, and I’ve loved every minute of it, but I’ve never actually eaten someone out. I’ve always wanted to, but every time I’m given a chance, I’m too nervous. I mean, I have had a lot of these conversations with my escorts who like to be pleased, but I have never gone with it. I’m concerned that I won’t be able to execute it properly, which I realize is ridiculous. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to sex, as I preach in my sex writing on a daily basis, but as we all know, following your own advice may be difficult at times.

I’m attracted to some of my escorts, but I’m also intimidated by them. With girlfriends, I have a lot more experience. But one of these days, I’m going to get there with escorts as well, and it’ll be fantastic. I’m sure of it. Once I eat my escort out, you will get another story about it!

Extreme fun in a sex club

Speaking of sex clubs, one of my sex bucket list items is to visit one. I’ve gone to a few private sex parties, but I’ve never been to a true sex club. I wonder how it would feel to be among so many people, to be watched and yet stay unbothered in your own trance. It makes me nervous since I don’t know what to anticipate, but I remember feeling the same way when I went to my first sex party. After my nerves subsided, I ended up having a great time and couldn’t stop myself from going again. The thrill of being able to get on and then get off with so many escorts makes me rush with adrenaline.

For me, one of the most appealing aspects of a sex club is the prospect of both watching and being seen. I enjoy the rush of having people watch me and get enthralled and then getting to watch them and become enthralled as well. I keep imagining staring at a beautiful escort while I stand in a corner stroking my dick. In my imagination, the escort walks to me and takes me by her hand to almost the center of the room, and takes my dick in her mouth. Now you see why I so desperately want to with a sex club. Sex parties and clubs offer such a rich, multi-layered experience, and I’m looking forward to being able to compare and contrast while reminiscing the two in the future. That’s how nerdy I am.

Blindfold and fuck

I haven’t had the opportunity to be blindfolded yet. It seems like such a simple thing, but I believe that in the heat of the moment, I forget to explain my wish to my escorts. I mean, being the thought sounds hot to me and makes me hard. I’ll get to it someday since, as basic as it may appear, it’s something that genuinely interests me. The thought of not being able to see what’s going on appeals to me. I believe the excitement surrounding it all is palpable. It also necessitates a level of trust between myself and my partner in order for it to take place safely and comfortably, which is also very hot. It’s hard to resist the allure of trust.

I mean, think about it, your escort blindfolds you and lets you go inside her warm pussy. She trusts that even you can not see right now, you will fuck her well. I bet my escort will have a great time getting her pussy banged by me.

Intimate in a pool

This may appear to be similar to my desire to have sex in the ocean or a lake, but they are entirely different experiences for me. I imagine them to be one-of-a-kind experiences. In a mischievous, crazy type of manner, a pool feels sensual to me. People may be able to capture you more easily. In pornography, there are a lot of pool scenes. In comparison to an ocean/lake, which feels more intimate and daring, it just feels like, “This is so horrible but my God we’re doing it.” Pools are more public than lakeside.

I’ve done lots of touching in pools, but I’ve never had sex in one, as far as I can recall. I know, it’s shocking. Having sex in a pool would obviously be a lot easier if I had a private pool, but alas, I don’t. One of my fantasies is to sneak out late at night with a partner to my apartment pool for some late-night fun. Trying to get away with it during the day and hoping no one notices would also be extremely hot. The concept of pool sex makes me experience a variety of emotions.

Being a dominant top amongst a couple of people

The term “dominant top” refers to someone who prefers to give all of the pleasure during sex rather than receive it. This isn’t generally a statement that describes me because I’m definitely a receiver. However, there is one circumstance in which I would want to be dominant top at least once, and that is in a group sex scenario.

I’ve gotten to experience this a couple of times in threesomes, but I’d die if I ever got to experience it with more than two people fawning over me. Although now I’d like to change that for once and please my escorts by, as I mentioned earlier, either to eat them out or to give them a good time on a hike. After that, I’m sure I’d be eager to make amends and get a lot of love and care, but at the time, oh gosh, I’m sure it’d be fantastic.

These are a couple of sexy things that are on my secret fuck bucket list. If you feel like go ahead, try one of these with your escorts or partner. Make sure you are safe and careful. You can write below in the comments which are your kinkiest dreams, and I will do a story on that if you want.

I am now going to go get a spa and a hot massage and then head over to spend time with my escorts. Hopefully, this week I will accomplish at least a few from the list above and have a great experience doing them. Have fun and keep reading my naughty tales.



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