Studying and being an escort at the same time

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8 min readJul 16, 2021

If you have visited escort agency websites, you must have noticed one thing. Most of these services highlight the inclusion of a large number of young college girls in their collection of beautiful and exotic women. This is perhaps because of the liking of the clients for young girls and also because every man is attracted to youth and high energy exuded by young girls. I am a young 20-year-old girl doing my graduation from a reputed college in the city. To manage the expenses of a lavish lifestyle inspired by the wealthy girls studying in my college, I took up a profession that is considered socially unacceptable. Yes, I am a college girl working as an escort to earn money for myself.

My name is Trisha but for most of my clients, I am Milky. This was a name given to me by my agency in appreciation of my fair complexion and childlike innocence. So for all practical purposes, you can call me Milky as I hear this name more often than my real name used only by my family members and friends in college. My father is a security guard in a private bank and his income is not enough to afford quality education for me and my two brothers. So when my mother said that I should sit at home after passing my 10+2 exams and let my brother continue with their studies, I was literally shocked. I did not want to be married off to a man I didn’t even know.

I filled up application forms for several colleges without informing my parents. I was very happy when I got an email from one of these colleges to tell me that my application had been approved and I must submit all documents along with the yearly tuition fee to be eligible for the B. A degree course. I told my parents that I had got a scholarship from this college and that they need not worry about the expenses of my higher education. With no money required from my parents, it was not difficult for me to secure their permission to go to a new city to do my degree-level course.

I had lied to my parents but I knew that I had to do something to earn money to pay for the tuition and hostel feel of my college. Fortunately for me, a friend of mine was already studying in this college for the last year. Her name was Mona and she was a year senior to me. She told me that I could live with her by paying a small amount of money and that she would arrange a part-time job for me to meet my expenses in the new city. I was very happy and excited to hear this offer as it almost solved all my monetary problems.

When I reached Mona’s apartment in Indore, she welcomed me with a hug and a big smile. I was relieved to have found someone who was my friend and I could rely on her for my safety and well-being. Mona was very talkative and she told me that I should forget all my worries and just focus on getting admission to college. I was touched when she said that she would give me forty thousand Rupees to submit the first-year fee in the college. She said that I could pay her back in installments as I started to earn from my job. That night I slept comfortably as I had become relaxed with the help that Mona was providing me.

Mona left me at my college the next day on her scooter and handed over the money to be given in the office for my admission. She left saying she had to go to her office and that she would meet me at the apartment in the evening. It took me nearly 3 hours to complete all the formalities. Finally, at 2 PM, I got my admission acknowledgment receipt and I was told to attend the classes from the next day. I was very relaxed and headed towards the apartment in an auto-rickshaw.

To my surprise, the front door was locked from inside which meant that Mona had already come back from her office. I told her that my admission was complete and I could join from tomorrow. She was happy to hear about my admission and ordered a cold drink and a cake to celebrate the event. The cake arrived within 30 minutes and both of us enjoyed eating cake and drinking cold drinks.

The next day, I got ready for my college but Mona continued to sleep. She said that it was an off day for her. I just smiled back and left. Life in Indore was fast-paced compared to my life in the small town of UP. Initially, I felt a little nervous but soon got adjusted to the lifestyle of this city. Though I was happy about my studies, I was feeling a bit guilty for not being able to return the money that Mona had given to me. Mona said that I should focus on my studies and forget about the loan she had given to me. She added that she would find a suitable job for me that I could do alongside my college studies.

I continued to remind Mona about my job many times in the next one month or so. One day, she opened up on this subject and asked me how I could find the time to do an office job for 7–8 hours. Even I was confused and doubted if I could find this much time to fulfill the requirements of my employer. It was at this point that Mona came up with an offer which she said would solve all my problems. She asked me if I could work part-time as an escort. She confessed that she too was working as an escort and this office job was just a façade to live in a dignified manner in a posh locality.

I was taken aback at this disclosure but Mona tried to explain to me the reasons why working as an escort was beneficial for her. She said that she was her own boss and did not need to stay in an office for 7–8 hours every day. Mona added that this profession was not dirty anymore and escorts were enjoying a good life after leaving their jobs. Mona said that I could make a lot of money in just a few years after which I can marry and live happily with the man of my choice. As Mona said all this, I started to imagine all the comforts of life and the ability to manage the expenses of a lavish lifestyle. I asked her what I would do if girls and teachers in college came to know about what I did. Mona reassured me by saying that it was a policy of her agency to maintain the privacy of the girls working on their platform. She also suggested that I should not give my mobile number to any of my clients if I wanted to remain safe.

Next, Mona started to discuss money and this is what excited me the most. She said that I could earn as much as I wanted without putting myself under pressure. Mona told me that she was charging ten thousand Rupees for a full night whereas she got Rs. 6000 for spending 2–3 hours with a client. She added that she got a call for work every day from her agency but chose to work only 2–3 days a week to stay fresh and beautiful. I must say that Mona looked very pretty as she took her beauty regime very seriously. When I inquired about her parents, she said that she went to her village once every few months to meet them. She added that her father visited her once and she did not take a customer for the time during which he was in Indore.

By now I understood everything but there were still some queries in my mind. I am from a small city and personal safety is a big concern for me. Mona said that I could call men from the agency anytime I felt insecure with a client or when a client misbehaved with me. She said that no customer misbehaved with girls as they came from well-to-do families. Mona said that only wealthy businessmen, executives, and politicians hired escort services of girls from our agency.

By now my dears were melting down and I felt that I could handle this new job. However, I needed help and guidance from Mona. She said that she would tell me everything to stay calm when dealing with a customer. She added that all men were basically the same and preferred physical relationships as soon as they were with a girl in the privacy of the hotel room. She said that she never felt like being a sex worker because of all the respect and attention she got from her customers.

Mona said that I could accept a customer in the evenings as I had to go to the college in the mornings. It was up to me to decide whether to take a client or not during weekends. She said that clients were willing to pay 10–20% more than normal charges for giving them company on Saturdays and Sundays. Mona suggested that I should take up a new name for this profession as that would help me in hiding my identity. We thought about several names and finally decided on Milky as it suited my personality and also sounded erotic.

Mona told me about the portal of the Mahipalpur escort agency and how to manage it in case a client was allotted to me. She also joined me in a Whatsapp group and told me to pick up the call if a customer wished to talk to me to finalize the deal. The next day Mona took me along with her to a building in the main market where I met the person who was handling all the deals. He was polite and courteous to me and gave me tips on how to dress up, makeup, and behave with a client. He told me that he would come to rescue me from a client or police if there was any problem. I requested him to give me only students and simple men initially as I was new to this profession. He smiled and said that he wanted me to work for the agency for a long time so he would manage good clients for me.

I received tutorials from not just Mona but also an older woman who was addressed as aunty by all the girls. She said that I should learn the art of dressing up provocatively to excite my clients. Aunty told me to wear revealing outfits to expose my silky legs, back, and cleavage to easily cast a magical spell on the minds of my clients. I paid attention to all the tips she gave to me. Aunty said that I should be prepared to wear a traditional or western dress according to the taste of the client. She said that I should not take any kind of stress as I would get food compensation for showing my hospitality skills.

Once we were back in the home, Mona taught me how to walk, sit, and talk with a client to break the ice. She also told me to learn how to massage as many clients insisted on getting a sensuous massage from their escort. Mona also told me many new terms such as position 69, tit-fuck, blow job, etc, and what they meant. She said that I would not be forced for these special services and I could add one or more of these services to my profile later on.

This is how I became an escort by choice.



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