Things I do as Mahipalpur escort to drive men crazy

Kirti waliya
3 min readDec 29, 2022

Mahipalpur, which was till a few years ago a sleepy village, has today become a glittering locality abuzz with the activities of tourists. It is close to the IGI Airport and has developed as a center of recreation for passengers waiting for their next connecting flights. I chose Mahipalpur as my area of operation because of the presence of a large number of foreign tourists. I will tell you what I do to drive my customers crazy as a Mahipalpur escort.

I talk dirty with men as a Mahipalpiur escort

Men love it when their partner talks dirty with them. They don’t use foul language in offices and when dealing with their customers. So it comes as a pleasant surprise to them when their escort in Mahipalpur makes them happy by talking in foul language.

I have mastered the art of dirty talking and include desi words for private parts to make my customers happy and wild with excitement. Listening to cuss words, my men forget all about their class and become charged up in no time at all.

Lovemaking in front of a huge mirror

Have you ever tried to make love in front of a huge mirror? If not, you have missed all the fun and excitement that this simple prop brings to the table. Like me, many other Mahipalpur escorts have started to use this trick to make their customers happy and excited.

The simple act of undressing becomes exciting and erotic when my client catches a glimpse of my curves from various angles in the mirrors mounted on the walls. Men go wild when they are indulging in lovemaking as they can see a live telecast of the entire scene because of the mirrors.

Foreplay to recharge the dead batteries of customers

One thing that I have learned as a Mahipalpur escort over the years is using foreplay to make my clients fresh and charged up. Foreplay is a big turn-on for all men. They love it when a beautiful woman kisses them and plays with their private parts. I have mastered the art of oral sex that drives men crazy.

My men begin to moan in pleasure as I use my tongue to bring their limp tools into action. I also use French kissing as a tool to excite men. I know these poor fellows have always dreamt of enjoying French kisses with their partners. I roll my tongue in a professional manner to send pleasure waves to the minds of my customers.

One of my favorite foreplay acts is position 69 which is liked by a vast majority of customers. In this position, I am able to take the manhood of my man inside my mouth while he is able to suck the juices of my overflowing pussy.

In addition to these tricks, I make sure that my clients enjoy my romantic company in the hotel room and all the places outdoors where they take me along. These simple things have allowed me to become one of the most sought-after escorts in Mahipalpur.



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