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Kirti waliya
5 min readJul 8, 2021

When I Get the First Feel of my body it gives me an extraordinary experience. That experience feels like am in heaven.

It’s critical to begin this story that I tell you that I had never masturbated before. Yes, it’s true that I lasted 17 years without touching myself. That weirdo was me. I was always confused and not so sure about how touching myself worked. I always wanted to be a tech-savvy kid, but even at 17, porn and YouTube videos did not succeed in making me do the pleasurable sin.

I’d never seen an erect penis before. When my lover disrobed, the first thing I said to him was, “Is it meant to point up?” “Aren’t your breasts meant to be higher?” he asked, seemingly as clueless as I was. Only pornstar breasts had ever been raised into the air like helium balloons in his life. I had never viewed a lot of porn before.

Because I didn’t have my own computer or phone when I was 17, I didn’t have easy access to porn. But it wouldn’t have occurred to me to look for it in the first place. Yes, I was that naive at the time. The first true sexual content that excited me was watching a sex scene in Game of Thrones with my lover. Emilia Clarke’s raw, strong sexuality drew me in.

It was the famed image that flashed across my head as my then-boyfriend gave me my first oral sex. Yes, I rapidly discovered that I was bisexual. I thought of Emilia’s smooth, clear skin and flawless face and enjoyed my boyfriend, Alex’s tongue the most in me. Under his mother’s bed, my boyfriend discovered an old sex toy, a vibrator. When he offered to use it on me, I should have been disgusted, but it sparked my interest. Knowing it had touched some other woman’s vagina made me feel horny, and I started dripping.

It gave me my first-ever orgasm. It became my first passion after I brought it home. I wanted to keep it with me and enjoy what pleasure really means. The first time I had oral sex performed on me, I didn’t have an orgasm, but it was the gateway drug. I am a woman who loves getting licked and played with. I was on my way to never-ending orgasm land, thanks to that and the vibrator.

Soon the needs and urges increased, and I found new ways to turn myself on. I have always been a reader, and erotics like the one you are reading right now made me lose my mind. Halfway through a story, my panties would be drenched, and the vibrator saved me every time. Erotica then started to happen in my dreams, and I would wake up horny.

On such days The first thing I did in those days was to call Mahipalpur escorts girls and fuck them till I make her cock move with my juice. For me, the most enticing dream in it was of a woman being fingered under a blanket by her boyfriend while they were watching a football game in the stands. I’d eventually get to repeat the circumstance, although it wasn’t quite as exciting in real life. I was scared the blanket might shift at the worst possible moment because of the uncomfortable angle.

Often Alex would get very passionate and in a funky mood where did a number of role plays. These situations often excited me. My partner would pin me to the bed and take me on a ride of my life. With Alex, I have been a nurse, a landlady, and of course, his little slut. Once I got comfortable, I enjoyed the dirtier we could get in bed. One of my most memorable playthings of Alex was handcuffs and their tie; I loved being teased.

My partner would tie me to the bed’s headrest and rubbed his hard dick on my wet pussy. This made me dip all over the bed, and his cock hardened more. Although, all this didn’t happen just at the start. It took me time to get comfortable and open up about my kinks to my partner.

My early sexual recollections do not include intercourse, which I find intriguing. Not many girls get to discover pleasure at the start of their sex life, and for that, I consider myself lucky. At the time, my lover was more interested in oral penetration than penetration. I later discovered that this partner was going through their own gender crisis, although I’m not sure if that had anything to do with our sexual encounter. That, however, is a different subject for another time.

I guess I’m lucky that my initial sex experiences were all about self-satisfaction and oral pleasure. I didn’t go into it only to please my buddy. That I believe is sexist and unfair, and I am nothing like that. I respected my partner’s space and boundaries. I understood even a 17 that pleasure goes both ways. I had a companion that prioritized my enjoyment during our sexual connection. That spoiled me in certain ways. That would not be the case for all of my subsequent sexual encounters.

The first time I had sexual intercourse was a letdown, but I doubt many women would consider losing their virginity sexy, especially after they’ve bled like a stuck pig. My boyfriend and I, on the other hand, had a great time once we got the hang of it. Oral sex and intercourse were inextricably linked.

Now that I think of how far I have come after my first pleasurable experience, it has been a journey. I’m not sure what I’d say to a potential future daughter about having sex. I’m ready to inform her about self-satisfaction when she’s older than 17. However, she might be more curious and figure it out on her own. But I’d advise her that in any sexual connection, she should prioritize her own pleasure. Don’t have sex only to make your partner happy at the cost of your own happiness. You don’t have to have sex to keep a partner. Sex should always be a two-way street. I will raise a daughter who would know herself and what pleases her body.

I’m delighted my first impressions were so pleasant; I understand that this isn’t the case for everyone. But it’s most likely one of the reasons I find sex to be so liberating. Sex isn’t about passivity, just like Emilia Clarke’s image. Good sex is a birthright, and sex is an attitude. And self-satisfaction is a blessing. Now go find your escort girl and enjoy my experience as yours.



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